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The Current Situation

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Rural Healthcare Crisis

Indias' infrastructure can support only 27% of the population.

60% of health care centers have only 1 doctor.

55 million pushed into poverty due to high costs.

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            Major shortage of doctors

                             (Doctor:Patient ratios)

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WHO recommended 1:1000

Average ratio in Rural India
1: 11,082

Average ratio in Chikkaballapur, India
1: 11,340

Rural-Urban Healthcare Gaps

The population is 30% urban & 70% rural                                                
Incoming medical students are 90% urban & 10% rural

The debt is HUGE as new doctors seek lucrative urban jobs

Medical Education is a Burden

No. of Undergraduate Medical Colleges- 600
No. of Undergraduate Medical Seats- 88,340
Applicants in 2020- 1,596, 508

Extremely competitive entry, limited seats
Burden of education loans & financial obligations
Inconsistent Curriculum and Teaching Quality
Graduates forced to pursue lucrative urban jobs
Unaffordable for poor & rural students

Why Free Healthcare and Education

The Only
Long Term Sustainable Solution

  • Free of cost health, nutrition, education were basic human rights in ancient India.

  • Purity and Integrity of purpose.

  • Inspired students and faculty.

How the free medical college sustains itself

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Model is
Self Sustainable

  • Free of cost model successfully implemented in India in the past.

  • Initial investments from donors, Foundations, Government schemes, Corporate CSR.

  • Self sustainability by insurance payments, good will, alumni and former patients.

 Successful Free of Cost Medical Education Models in USA

NYU School of Medicine (Full tuition scholarship for all medical students).

Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine (Tuition waived for all classes entering 2020-2024).

UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine (90% students get full scholarship: tuition, room, board, supplies).


 Successful Free of Cost Healthcare Models in India & USA

Ramakrishna Mission Educational and Healthcare Institutions all over India since 1921.

Sai Sanjeevani Pediatric Heart Hospitals in Raipur, Palwal, and Navi Mumbai since 2012

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis TN (Founded by Danny Thomas).

Harmony Health Clinic, Little Rock, AR (Founder-President Dr. Sunny Anand).

Sai Sanjeevani Clinic for Mothers & Children, Clarksdale, MS.

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